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Making the case for the economics of capital markets – PR and comms breakfast

5 November 2015• Unlocking capital markets • Breakfast workshop

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Making the positive case for capital markets is at the heart of New Financial. An essential part of making that case – particularly at a time when the industry is seeking to rebuild trust with policymakers and the wider public – is to make a better case for the economics of the industry.

In addition to demonstrating the value of what capital markets do, the industry needs to do a better job of demonstrating that it provides value for money to its customers and is closely aligned with their interests.

What drives fee levels, commission and revenues in the industry? Are they as aligned with customer outcomes as they could be? How could the narrative around the economics of the industry be improved? And how could that help in terms of rebuilding trust?

This breakfast is the second in our series of PR and comms briefings on capital markets. You can download the summary of the first event here.

New Financial events are by invitation only – for more information please contact: info@newfinancial.eu

Location: Royal Over-seas League

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